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West Laurel Civic Association By-Laws     





1.01    Definition of Civic Association Title 
1.02    Use of Title  
1.03    Area Boundaries
1.04    Business Calendar
1.05    Community Newsletter  

2.01    Protect the Quality of Life
2.02    Participate in Civic and Community Activities
2.03    Non-endorsement Policy

3.01    Membership Requirements
3.02    Types of Membership
3.03    Membership Voting Regulations
3.04    Annual Dues
3.05    Membership Authority

4.01    Board Composition
4.02    Conducting Business
4.03    Approval of Expenditures

5.01    Election Procedures
5.02    Nominating Committee
5.03    Non-committee Nominations
5.04   Term of Office
5.05    Filling a Vacant Office

6.01    The President's Duties and Authority
6.02    Incidental Expenditures
6.03    The First and Second Vice Presidents' Duties and Authority
6.04    The Secretary's Duties and Authority
6.05    The Treasurer's Duties and Authority
6.06    The Zoning Officers' Duties and Authority

7.01    Duties of the Board of Officers (Area Representatives)
7.02    Duties of Alternate Area Representatives
7.03    Election Requirements

8.01    General Meetings (Full Membership) and Associated Business Agendas
8.02    Special Meeting
8.03    Community Notification of Meetings
8.04    Quorum Definition for General Meetings
8.05    Meeting Rules

9.01    Authorized Attendance
9.02    Reporting Board Meeting Activities to the Membership
9.03    Quorum Definition for Board Meetings

10.01    Rules for Amending the By-laws  

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1.01   Definition of Civic Association Title. The title of this non-profit organization shall be West Laurel Civic Association, Inc., hereafter referred to in these bylaws as "the Association".

1.02   Use of Title. This title shall appear on all official papers and communications of the Association.

1.03 Area Boundaries. The boundaries of the Association are:

  • North: Patuxent River
  • East: Laurel City limits
  • South: Route 198 including properties abutting on  the south side
  • West: Prince George's County line and Riding Stable Road including properties on any roads abutting Riding Stable Road, and including properties on Birmingham drive.

1.04    Business Calendar.  September 1 shall be the first day of the fiscal year for the Association.

1.05    Community Newsletter. The HOTLINE shall be the official publication of the Association.

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2.01 Protect the Quality of Life.  To protect and improve the community.

2.02 Participate in Civic and Community Activities. To participate in the civic activities and affairs affecting the West Laurel area.

2.03   Non-endorsement Policy.  To interact with government officials and agencies in a non-partisan manner, not endorsing political parties or specific candidates.

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3.01 Membership. Membership in the Association is limited to persons who are at least 18 years old who reside or own property within the area boundaries defined in Article I, section 1.03.

3.02 Types of Membership.  There shall be two types of Association members: voting members and non-voting members. Every person within the boundaries of WLCA who meets the membership requirements is considered a non-voting member of the Association.  Residents or owners (described in section 3.01) who pay their annual dues become voting members

3.03  Membership Voting Regulations.  One vote is allowed per resident voting member, with a maximum of two votes per paid family membership.  Any nonresident who is a member by reason of property ownership, and payment of dues, shall be entitled to one vote.

3.04   Annual Dues.  The Board of Directors shall recommend the annual dues to the membership for consideration at the spring meeting. If approved, the annual dues will take effect at the beginning of the fiscal year.

3.05   Membership Authority.  All authority not specifically delegated to the Directors or Officers of the Association by these By-laws shall remain with the membership.

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4.01 Board Composition.  The Board of Directors shall be comprised of the Executive Officers and Board Officers.  The Association Executive Officers shall consist of a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Zoning Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The Board shall consist of two Area Representatives elected from each geographic area.

4.02  Conducting Business.  The Board of Directors will conduct the business of the Association with the guidance of the membership.  Prior to the fall membership meeting, the Board of Directors shall establish goals and prepare a budget for the Association year.  The goals and budget shall be presented to the membership for approval at the fall meeting. At any appropriate time during the year, the Board of Directors shall establish committees to carry out the Association's goals, studies, or actions.  The Board shall receive committee reports and have the results reported at the general membership meetings.

4.03 Approval of Expenditures.  The Board of Directors shall approve all expenditures greater than $300.



5.01 Election of Officers and Board Members. Officers shall be elected by a majority of the votes cast at the spring meeting. At least one Alternate Area Representative will also be elected from each area.

5.02  Nominating Committee.  The Second Vice President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of at least three voting members to solicit candidates for each office.

5.03   Non-committee Nominations.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor prior to the close of nominations at the spring meeting.

5.04  Term of Office. The term of office for Executive Officers shall be two years, coinciding with the fiscal year/years of the Association.  All Executive Officers shall be elected at the same time. The term of office for the Board of Directors shall be two years with one Director from each Area elected each year. 

5.05 Filling a Vacant Office. In the event that any vacancy occurs during the term of an Executive or Board Officer, the Board of Directors shall fill such vacancy at the next regular meeting of the Board. That action shall be announced in the next HOTLINE and presented at the next general meeting for membership approval or rejection. 

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6.01 The President's Duties and Authority.  The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Association. He/she shall:

  • Preside at all Board and general meetings or specifically designate a presiding officer if the President and both of the Vice Presidents are unavailable;
  • Call special meetings after consulting with the Board of Directors;
  • Call meetings of the Board of Directors at least every other month;
  • With approval of the Board of Directors, appoint chairmen, members of standing and special committees (except for the nominating and audit committees), and delegates to civic associations or other appropriate groups;
  • Call for regular committee reports and refer matters of business to the appropriate committee;
  • Insure that elections are held in accordance with these by-laws; and
  • Appoint a parliamentarian to rule on points of order at membership meetings.

6.02 Incidental Expenditures. The President may authorize incidental expenditures not greater than $300 without prior approval of the Board of Directors or the Association but he/she shall detail these expenditures to the Board of Directors at the next Board meeting and the Treasurer shall report such expenditures at the next general meeting.

6.03 The First and Second Vice Presidents' Duties and Authorities

 (A) The First Vice President shall:

(1) Have the powers of the President in his/her absence;
(2) Insure that the records of the Association are properly maintained, and upon completion of his/her term of office shall make sure all permanent records of the Association are properly archived and current records turned over to his/her successor;
(3) Appoint and oversee any audit committees; and
(3) Conduct such other responsibilities as specifically set set forth herein.

(B) The Second Vice President shall:

(1) Have the powers of the President in the absence of both the President and First Vice President;
(2) Function as corresponding secretary;
(3) Shall maintain copies of all correspondence of the Association in the corresponding secretary's files to be passed on to his/her successor at the end of his/her term
(4) Give copies of all correspondence to the First Vice President quarterly for archives;
(5) Appoint a nominating committee to identify candidates for election;
(6) Conduct such other responsibilities as specifically assigned by the President.

6.04 The Secretary's Duties and Authority.  The Secretary shall:

  • Insure that minutes of regular, special and Board meetings are recorded, and preserved in hard copy;
  • Pass on copies of all the minutes to the next Secretary and to the First Vice-President at the end of his/her term of office;
  • Read or refer to minutes of prior meetings of the Board, or the Association if asked to do so;
  • Insure that all official notifications to the membership are made as prescribed in these By-laws; and
  • Notify Board Members of all Board meetings.

6.05 The Treasurer's Duties and Authority.  The Treasurer shall:

  • Receive and deposit in the Association's bank accounts all monies paid to the Association;
  • Reconcile all bank accounts;
  • Keep an account of the funds of the Association;
  • Disburse such funds when properly authorized by the President, the Board of Directors or the Association;
  • Make a report to the membership at each general meeting;
  • Maintain the official list of paid members of the Association;
  • Turn over to his successor all monies, property and records of this Association;
  • Maintain an inventory of Association property;
  • File with the Vice President a receipt for all money, property of the Association; and
  • File a financial statement for the fiscal year.

6.06 The Zoning Officer's Duties and Authorities.  The Zoning Officer shall:

  • Chair the Association's Zoning committee;
  • As directed by the President represent the Association in all matters related to land use;
  • Develop Association positions and strategies in Zoning matters and present these to the Board of Directors for approval;
  • Form Ad Hoc committees to study land use issues as needed;
  • When the Zoning Officer is unable to attend meetings or events, he/she shall try to arrange for representation by another officer of the Association.

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7.01 Duties of Board Officers (also called Area Representatives).  Area Representatives shall:
  • Represent the interests and concerns of residents of the area which they represent;
  • Regularly attend all Board of Directors meetings, general meetings, and special meetings and be voting participants;
  • Encourage active Association membership among the residents of their areas;
  • Arrange for a duly elected Alternate Area Representative from his/her area to attend any meetings in his/her absence.

7.02  Duties of Alternate Area Representatives

  • To be ready and willing, whenever possible, to attend a Board meeting and function in place of his/her area's representative when asked to do so by that representative or an officer of the Board;
  • Alternate Area Representatives do not have a vote in Board of Directors meetings unless the Area Representative is not present;
  • Alternate Area Representatives are expected to keep current on issues in order to perform as the Area Representative when needed;
  • Encourage active Association membership among the residents of their areas.

7.03 Election Requirements for Board Officers and Alternates. Each Area Representative must be a resident of the area which he/she represents. If no individual is elected from a directorate area this vacancy will not interfere with the functioning of the Board of Directors.

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8.01   General Meetings (Full Membership) and Associated Business Agendas. There shall be at least three general meetings each calendar year: A spring meeting, prior to school closing; a fall meeting, after the beginning of the school year; and a winter meeting.

  • At the spring meeting the voting members will elect the Executive Officers and Board Officers to succeed those whose terms are expiring, receive the Treasurer's report, and dispose of other old and new business as required;
  • At the fall meeting, the membership will approve the proposed goals for the year, receive the Treasurer's report, and dispose of other old and new business as required; and
  • At the winter meeting the membership will receive Treasurer's report, and will dispose of old and new business as required.

8.02   Special Meetings.  Special meetings may be called by the President.  Upon written request to the President by at least ten percent of the membership the President shall call a special meeting for the purpose designated in the request.

8.03   Community Notification of Meetings. 

  • Notice of general and special meetings shall be published in the HOTLINE at least five days prior to the date of the meeting, and shall be published in local newspapers and on the Association Internet website.
  • Special meetings shall be published in the HOTLINE at least five days prior to the date of the meeting whenever possible.  An acceptable notification alternative when timing does not coincide with the HOTLINE publication shall be to post signs of topic, date, time and location within the Association boundaries at all intersections with Bond Mill Road, Brooklyn Bridge Road, Riding Stable Road, and at Birmingham & Route 198 at least five days before the meeting and on the Association web site.

8.04   Quorum Definition for General Meetings. A quorum for all general meetings shall be 30 members.

8.05   Meeting Rules.  Meetings shall be governed by Robert's Rule of Order insofar as they do not conflict with these bylaws.

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9.01   Authorized Attendance.  All Board and committee meetings shall be open to the membership.

9.02   Reporting Board Meeting Activities to the Membership. The President and his/her designate will provide a written summary of the Board meetings for publication in the HOTLINE and on the Association Internet website.

9.03   Quorum Definition for Board Meetings.  A quorum for Board meetings shall consist of a majority of the existing members of the Board or their designated alternates.

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 10.01   Rules for Amending or Modifying the By-laws. These By-laws may be amended, repealed or modified in whole or in part at any regular meeting of the Association upon an affirmative vote of two thirds of the members present provided that:

  • The change has been proposed at a previous general meeting; or
  • The proposed change was submitted in writing to the Board of Directors or to a specially established By-laws committee for consideration;
  • Any proposed change shall be published in the HOTLINE and on the Association's Internet website at least five days prior to the meeting at which a vote on the proposed amendment is to be taken.

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